Causeway & Chimney Tops

Causeway U3A

Badminton Art Ballroom Dancing
Golf Art Appreciation Bridge Duplicate
Indoor Bowls ASTRONOMY Choir
Nordic Walking Calligraphy Cinema Club
Pilates Computer / IT CRAFTS
Rambling Current Affairs Cultural Club
Swimming Flower Arranging Drumming for fun
Table Tennis French Conversation Jazz Appreciation
Tai Chi Garden & Environment Line Dancing
Yoga German Objects and Stories
Zumba Investment Photography
Spanish Play Reading
Poetry Reading
Sunday Allsorts
Wine appreciation


We charge a low annual membership fee £10 and members then pay for each individual activity they choose to join.

We try to keep costs as low as possible and fees are set based on estimates of costs for the venue, payment to tutors (if any) and the number of participants. We aim for each activity to be self funding, wherever possible.

How to take part

No qualifications are needed to take part, although some courses may be offered at differing levels where it is recommended the beginners course is completed before starting the more advanced sessions. Occasional guests may sample classes or activities but regular attendees must be Causeway U3A members.

Each activity is organised by a volunteer Causeway U3A member - a role we call Group Leader. Contact the Group Leader (details are on the individual Health, Learning or Social sub-menus) to register to take part.