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Causeway U3A



Agherton Parish Church



Day Mon Fri
Time 10:30 - 12:30 10:00 - 12:00
Venue Flowerfield Arts Centre Agherton Parish Centre
Start Date 8 January 2018 12 Jnuary 2018
End Date
Tutor Elaine Harkness -
Group Leader Jennifer Mitchell Ann Tosh
Telephone 028 7034 2460 02870355152. 028 7082 2593
Cost £ Flowerfield Fee £ 40
INFO Break: 12 feb or 2 April ? Break: 17 Mar 18
Mon Art

Why would a group of people wish to meet once a week (on a wet wintry morning) to talk art and paint? It would be simple to buy an easy-steps tutor, a DVD, or even to use the internet for tuition. What then, is the motivation?
Flowerfield 8th Jan 2018 Monday 10:30—12:30 Jennifer Mitchell T: 028 7034 2460
Agherton 12th Jan 2018 Friday 10:00—12:00 noon Anne Tosh T: 028 7082 2593

The characteristics appear to relate to:

- Exploration of the different techniques of painting – watercolour, pastel, oils, pen and ink, acrylic, abstract, landscape, figures, etc, etc, even to the use of a finger dipped in colour.

- Doing something new is a satisfying experience and doing it in the company of others seems to contribute to a social process that is an essential part of the origins of the U3A.

The role of the tutor – this is the major component in the process. It is not enough to be an artist or even a teacher of art. The tutor is responding to a different mix of demands – the participants are not studying for qualifications or commercial achievement. The tutor is now in the more unusual role of encouraging an amateur group in a recreational setting. The results can be seen in the number of friends and relatives who receive pictures for birthdays and anniversaries.