Causeway & Chimney Tops

Causeway U3A

Poetry Reading

Group Leader: Venie Martin:

Group Leader: Christine Turner:

List of Poems - 7th November 2017


“Warning” by Jenny Joseph
“Wee Hughie” by Elizabeth Shane
“When I am Old” WB Yeats
“Entirely” by Louis McNeice
“Walking Away” by C Day Lewis
“Teeth” by Pam Ayers
“Thank You” by Ann Conley (Original)
“Prayer before Birth” by Louis McNeice
“On a Cat Ageing”
“Wisdom” by Sara Teasdale
“Ulysses” by Alfred Lord Tennyon
“Loneliness” by Nahvash Sabet
The “Butterfly” by William Wordsworth
“The Lore of the Sea” read by Linda Hughes (traditional)

Monthly: 1st Tuesday (next session: 6th February )

Time: 10.30 - 12.30

Venue: Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall , Coleraine

Topic: 'Colours' or 'New Beginnings'

Dust off your old school poetry anthology and remember those wonderful poems.

Members can bring along their favourites and read them or just listen. It will be a very informal and social session run on a "drop-in" basis.

Poetry Evening @ Truva - 9 October 2017