Causeway & Chimney Tops

What We Do

Causeway U3A is for all retired or semi-retired people in the Causeway area of Northern Ireland who want to enjoy a good social life. We organise a wide range of classes and activities for our 800 members to help keep them active in mind and body. Members are free to take part in as many, or as few, of our activities as they wish and no qualifications are needed to take part.

Portstewart Golf Club

Lodge hotel, Coleraine

Monthly Meeting


Most activities are run weekly in 2 terms, with sessions from September to December and from January to April. A limited number run all year round. They fall into categories which can be best described as having mainly Health, Learning or Social benefits. Of course some could be put in one or more categories but, for all of them, our aim is enjoyment.

No qualifications are needed to take part, although some courses may be offered at differing levels where it is recommended the beginners course is completed before starting the more advanced sessions. Occasional guests may sample classes or activities but regular attendees must be Causeway U3A members.

See the Activities sub-menu of this page for a list of the activities and class fees for the current membership year.
Go to the Health, Learning or Social Pages for more detailed information about the individual activities. Other new activities may be added on demand.

Other Benefits

The Third Age Trust mails the national magazine, U3A News, several times a year to each address we register with them.