Causeway & Chimney Tops

Causeway U3A


Wine Appreciation

Day Monthly - 1st Thursday (monthly -1st)
Time 14.15 - 16.15
Venue Agherton Parish Centre
Date 5 Oct 17 - 5 Apr 18
Duration 2 hrs x 7 sessions
Brian McDowell/ Eileen Ward
Group Leader Brian McDowell
Telephone 028 7083 3465
Cost see notes
INFO 2nd Thur in December

THEME: Around the World in 8 Wines

•Enrolment fee is £10 for the year and there would be a £2 cash fee per person collected at each meeting.

•Four of the wines would be brought by 2 members – each bringing a bottle of red and a bottle of white on the theme for the tasting.
Maximum cost would be set at £8 per bottle and each member would only have to purchase once per year.

•Two additional wines would be purchased from the monthly fees – these would be ‘special’ wines costing perhaps around £15 per bottle; this will allow members to taste wines which they might not otherwise consider buying

•Commitment from those joining would therefore be:
•Enrolment fee of around £10 by cheque payable to ‘CAUSEWAY U3A’
•Purchase of 2 bottles of wine once a year at maximum
cost of £16
•Contribution of £2 at each meeting

Wine Tasting and Dining @ Crusoes