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YOGA Tutor: Tanya Gillen

Group Leader: MURA SAYERS Tel: 028 7084 9515 Email:

Arcadia - Portrush

Yoga is an excellent activity for the U3A community.

It helps build and maintain fitness. It improves flexibility
and mobility and it can be particularly valuable for those suffering from back pain or high blood pressure.

The Causeway U3A classes are organised by Tanya Gillen a London and Indian trained yoga instructor. The location is The Arcadia, Portrush, an ideal location to practise yoga.

To join, come to the first class with your U3A membership number and a cheque in payment for the classes made out to ‘Causeway U3A’.
It's also helpful if you put your U3A membership number on the back of your cheque
For more information contact MURA SAYERS details above